I am not a doctor, nor would I ever wish to be.  The constraints placed upon the medical profession today by insurance firms, liability laws, billing requirements, our Government, lawyers, pharmaceutical companies and on and on and on – have made it virtually impossible to do anything other than medicate or try to fix problems after the fact. That is no room for proactive or innovative behavior. None. Zero. Zilch.

If you are sitting around just waiting until something goes wrong or age to catch up with you and  run down to the local hospital to fix it – your already way behind the curve. In fact, your already dying. Not acceptable to me.

Today we live in a world where you can spend countless hours reviewing deep medical studies, drug trials, communicate with cutting-edge researches and experimental scientists. You can follow serious targeted bio-hackers with medical degrees who can show you 10 years of their own personal blood panels. You have the ability to go way beyond the knowledge base of your local doctor – why? because he cannot stray from the current “billable” or mandated medical template.

As a young Navy SEAL, we were taught that our bodies were critical to winning. They even called your body “A Battle Chassis”. healthy eating, massive amounts of exercise, supplements, sleep and mental clarity were essential to peak performance. This is where I was first introduced to the concept of “Better, Faster, Smarter, Stronger than the average man”, and has fueled my passion for improving performance and healthy lifespan.

The life of a startup founder is exhausting, frustrating, intensive and stressful, not for the faint of heart. Sitting around drinking Red Bulls, eating Fritos and staring at a screen for 10 hours a day is killing you – slowly. Burnout is not just a mental result. It’s a combination of the above, deteriorating physical condition and overwhelmed mental stress. Building a winning startup is a battle. You are fighting others, the market, competition, chance, luck and your own personal issues -everyday. Physical and mental conditioning can be the edge that pushes one startup to stardom -the other to crash and burn. I see it a lot.

The below basic list is what I currently take, along with blood panels every 90 days to ensure optimum markers of health as well as once a year or once every two years – doing a full day at Princeton Longevity Center. This program has taken me 15 years of trial and error and working closely with some of today’s top performance and longevity scientists. It’s not meant to be for you. It’s not meant to be an endorsement. It’s just data. It’s me – taking control of what is in my power and not sitting around waiting for some miracle to help me live a longer healthier life. If I am honest, I also want to dominate performance-wise compared to other humans. No one is devoid of ego. No one. So here you go:

Metformin Tablet:                      1000MG twice per day

Rapamycin (Sirolimus):            .5MG tablet twice a week/Tues-Friday

Modafinil:                                     200MG monday-friday


Vitamin D:                             10,000 IU

Fish Oil:                                  3 Grams

Green Tea Extract:             500MG

5 MTHF:                                1000MG

SAMe:                                    400MG

B Multi Vitamin:                1000MG

Magnesium:                        400MG

Red yeast Rice:                    600MG

Turmeric:                             400MG

Stinging Nettles Root:        1000MG



Bullet Proof Coffee:          1 per day

Kegenix:                              1 packet morning (Ketones)

Whey Protein:                    50 Grams per day

Meals:  I aim for less than 40 grams of carbohydrates a day. Lots of Avocado, Macadamia nuts, fish, chicken, grass-fed meat, beef jerkey, olive oil, greens.

Cheats: Once a week, my daughter and I have a “cheat meal”, where we eat anything we want, as much as we want. Sometimes we extend this to lunch and dinner. I cannot handle too much sugar, so pizza, cheesesteak, donut, etc -you get the picture. I also love, love, love great Red Wine. My wife and I share a bottle about 4-5 nights a week. I don’t trust people who don’t have vices and you have to enjoy life, not live like a lab experiment limiting yourself to 6 licks of a dried prune as a treat.

I balance all of this with “Geeking Out” on taking my blood glucose levels a few times a week just to see the data. Along with 5 days a week of strength training, HIIT, pushup, pullups, dips, rope climbs and running at a nice slow and fun pace -just because it really clears my mind. I have also been using a standup desk for about 7 years. It makes a huge difference in energy, body posture and leg strength -at least for me.

Flat Sides (failings): I drink too much wine, but according to who? If it’s a nice dinner out with my wife, you bet I am stuffing my face with a nice shared-dessert. If I am in Ottawa or San Fran to see some friends, you bet I am drinking some Bourbon and laughing. I need to do more flexibility training. I flat-out suck at that. The idea here is to actually enjoy life, but 95% of the time, work towards becoming a more dominant human being. I want to be doing run-swim-run’s and working out at 85. Not crapping in my depends at a nursing home.

The above is just Geeky Data. Nothing more, nothing less. Do your own research and know you can have a major impact on your healthy lifespan, become more dominant and take control – of you.

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Good encouragement. I add Elysium Basis, Resveratrol, acytl carnitine, and creatine to the supplements list. Yoga and core outdoors w music.


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